Who We Are

The Floyd County Republican Committee / Party is an official unit of the Republican Party of Virginia.
The Floyd County GOP strives to do our part to nominate and elect good candidates to all offices at the Federal, State, Regional and Local levels.



Tax Simplicity

Today, the federal tax code stands at over 10 million words long. 10 million words of complicated twisting language and deductions that would confuse anyone willing to read it. How can we expect every citizen to know the ins and outs of such a system? Obviously we can not and so we need to work towards a simplified tax code that does not take 10 lawyers to explain. Simplification in our tax code will lead to a more efficient, understandable, and transparent government.


National Defense

Since the end of World War II, the United States has strived to have the strongest military in the world. Why is that our goal? It is not because we love power. It is because we need to defend freedom and our national interests across the globe. The world needs a strong champion of fairness and justice to keep it safe. Without us, who will fill the void? A newly resurgent Russia or a ever rising China might. Our strong military is a cornerstone of our democracy and way of life because it defends us from our biggest enemy: tyranny.


Small Government

“That government is best which governs least” – Thomas Jefferson. As Virginians and Americans, we often turn to the words of Jefferson and other founding fathers for guidance. Unfortunately, today our government seems to govern far more than “least.” Government waste and excess has become a common factor of everyday life. We should not accept this as the future though. We can make government be efficient and effective by investigating waste at every level. A bloated bureaucracy creates a sluggish administration and makes it harder for the American government to remain dynamic and open.


Legal Immigration

We recognize that the United States is composed of a nation of immigrants. The United States welcomes individuals with diverse backgrounds when individuals go through the legal immigration process. We are a fair and just nation of laws that will not sit idle as while our immigration system is abused. We stand opposed to illegal immigration as we promote strong border policies. The Republican Party will continue to fight for American citizens who recognize our borders and sovereignty.


Lower Taxes

We believe that additional taxes only harm the very people that government should be helping. It is the responsibility of government to come up with responsible solutions to problems while placing a minimal impact on the people.


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